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Inner Work Workshops

Inner Work Workshops are a way to explore the soul and psyche, and facilitate greater self-awareness. They are based on Jungian psychological theory, and provide depth exploration into archetypes, myths, and symbols. You will have the opportunity to ignite inner change through creating art, working with other students in a safe environment, and experiencing ritual. The combination of investigating your inner world and supporting your insights with tactile work and play is a potent way to further self-expression.

Women Who Run with the Wolves Initiation Workshops

Women Who Run with the WolvesThis book by Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés is meant to be lived, explored, mined, breathed into, and embodied. She did not create this book to simply be read. WWRWTW workshops mine each myth in the book for medicine to heal the modern person. Dr. Estés lovingly gave me the bones of WWRWTW so that we can participate in this deep work of fully interacting with the Wild Woman Archetype.WWRWTW

All workshops are facilitated in an intimate and safe environment so that wild beings can explore how to use the myths and stories as medicine; how to identify archetypes in each story; and how to ground that powerful archetypal energy to ignite fresh perspectives and/or change, and create artwork to further mythological expression. Tea, water, and nourishing snacks are provided. Everyone who feels called to have a deeper relationship to Wild Woman is welcome.  

Archetype Club

Encounter and Understand the Archetypes in Your Life through the Tarot

Archetypes are potent, pure energy, and when that energy is grounded, anything is possible. Archetype Club is a guided community Tarot reading. Each participant simply needs to bring a question and the reading will point to answers, illuminate fresh ideas, and/or present calls to action.

Everyone is welcome. No experience necessary.

Bring your question and a notebook.

Archetype Club meets monthly, concurring with the new moon so that participants can conspire with the lunar cycle for fresh ideas and new beginnings.

Upcoming Workshops:

  • Fall 2017 workshops coming soon!

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