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Who I Am


An unquenchable curiosity about the human spirit has led me on my life journey. That curiosity launched my career as a writer and journalist many moons ago and still feeds me today as a therapist. I want to know more. Always. Also, I believe wholeheartedly that healing, growth, and experiencing life as a grounded, integrated person who has access to my own instincts, wisdom, and creativity is not only possible but necessary.

I have a background in art and creative expression, and a committed creative and spiritual practice that informs my clinical and educational work. I believe in the power of imagination, creativity, dream work, and free-flow writing to deepen self-knowledge and unleash fresh perspective. I also believe in using these tools to discover unrealized potential and inner resources.

Mindfulness practice and being in the here-and-now are a huge part of my work. I have had a personal meditation practice since 2008 and was formally trained in various orientations, including Vipassana.

I started my private practice in 2012, after working at Women’s Clinic and Family Counseling Center for two years. At the center, I treated individuals and couples, and ran a process psychotherapy group. In 2015, I started teaching Inner Work Workshops so I could bring Jungian depth work into a community setting.

Education & Training:

Antioch University, Los Angeles, CA
M.A., Clinical psychology, with a specialization in spiritual and depth psychology

University of Washington, Seattle, WA
B.A., Comparative literature

Pacific Gestalt Institute, Los Angeles, CA
Weekend Training Program: Relational Gestalt Therapy – Integration of Theory and Practice

Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Archetypal and Cross-Cultural Studies Institute, Loveland, CO
Certificate of Completion in Singing Over the Bones, Years 1 and 2
Certificate of Completion in Mysterium: Psychology…In the Truest Sense of the Word
Certificate of Completion in Heart of the Wounded Healer: Walking in Two Worlds as Way of Life

The PACT Institute, Los Angeles, CA
Certification of Completion in PACT training Level I
Certification of Completion in PACT training Level II

University of California San Diego, San Diego, CA
Certification in Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy

Group Psychotherapy Association of Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA
Certification in Principles of Group Therapy